Barmobile’s announcement of the new, enhanced BARMOBILE 3X, voted the industry’s best portable bar, supports our confidence in the Hospitality Industry rebound. Consider a BARMOBILE order today, as one way to further rebuild your Food and Beverage business!


1.  SERVE ON THE FLY – Wherever Your Guests Are

 – The easy navigation of the streamlined BarMobile 3X makes it ideal for moving from table to table, room to room, pool lounge to pool lounge.  

 – BarMobile is an excellent way to enhance your guest’s experience.

2.  PARK & SERVE – Deploy a Fully Stocked Bar in Seconds

 – An expanded serving platform that opens to create a five-foot serving width.

 – A stow-able extra serving bar surface and two Speed Rail Bins that attach to the server side of the base unit.

Barmobile Advantages

Built to last – 100% Manufactured in the USA!
BarMobile bar carts are fabricated from lightweight, but very strong aircraft aluminum.  Each body is hand assembled, sealed with epoxy and then powder coated, yielding a super tough and easy to maintain bar cart.  Every feature on a BarMobile portable bar has been designed for maximum durability and ease of use.

Compact & Agile – BarMobile Portable bars and bar carts have a highly efficient design that maximize the amount of available storage space.
perfectly sized for its function.  A sculpted body and streamlined design allow the BarMobile to glide through crowds and snake around tables with ease.  Advanced oversized True Steer System casters allow our portable bars and bar carts to roll effortlessly, even on thick carpet, uneven pavers or bumpy flooring.

Easy to Clean & Sanitize – BarMobile portable bars and bar carts are extremely easy to maintain.
Every seam in the cart’s aluminum construction are epoxy filled prior to painting, this ensures a super smooth surface which makes wiping down and cleaning the cart a snap!  There are no cracks, joints, or crevices for food particles, moisture or bacteria to hide. BarMobile is also 100% waterproof. It can literally be hosed down!

Barmobile Advantages

Safe & Quiet Operation – BarMobile is a fully functional portable bar that is a dream to use. 
It’s a highly stable serving platform and contains all of its contents secure and rattle free.

Ergonomic – The ergonomic engineering on BarMobile portable bars and bar carts is unrivaled in the industry….you’re buying the best portable bar on the market.
All of the beverage contents are within arm’s reach and frequently used items, such as garnishes,  are situated closest to the server.

Cooling Capabilities – BarMobile contains three easy access ice chests and plenty of cooler space for beverages.
Thick cooler insulation and tight seals are used for both the ice chests and the oversized 15 gallon cooler. A simple drain mechanism is located at the bottom of the BarMobile for easy ice replenishment when required

Flexible Use – Not just for cocktails, BarMobile portable bars can be used for any type of serving situation…just use your imagination!
Customizable drawers and the central top storage compartment allow BarMobile to be tailored for specific beverage and/or food requirements with an array of drop in accessories. Not just for liquor, the system can easily be configured and utilized for coffee bars, juice bars, soda bars, ice cream bars, hot food, etc.

Efficient & Uninterrupted Use – BarMobile is designed for efficiency so you can maximize serving time and convenience.
BarMobile can store enough beverages and supplies to serve well over 100 drinks without restocking which allows the server to function for long periods of time attending to guests. BarMobile is always available at a moment’s notice and requires only one staff member to provide guest service.

Gorgeous Finishes & Custom Branding – Make it your own!
Custom branding and graphic options are a great way to promote your business, or any beverage brand you wish to promote.

All BarMobiles are powder coated which results in both a beautiful, yet highly durable finish similar to an expensive automobile. This finish resists scratching, UV fading, and is very chemical resistant. BarMobiles are also extremely corrosion resistant.  Vinyl graphics, designed for automotive applications, are used to adorn the body of the BarMobile…emblazon your portable bar with your brand!

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