Our Superior Bar Cart Cooler Technology

The problem with other bar carts, that utilize an in cart cooling system, is that they claim your beverages will remain cold for an extended period of time, only to find yourself pushing around a cart full of melted ice halfway through your dinner service or event.
Many of the problems other mobile bar carts run into stem from the engineering and construction of the coolers themselves:
• Weak seals
• Poor Insulation
• Less than adequate carrying capacity
• Poor drainage
• Sanitatization issues



Our Bar Carts are “Cooler” Than the Other Guys’

At BarMobile we make the finest bar carts on the market. Every aspect of our mobile bar carts have been brilliantly engineered to maximize efficiency without compromising functionality and maneuverability.
When it came time to design the BarMobile Cooling System we were limited by the quality of existing cooler options. Existing options lacked the proper carrying capacity we desired, and the cold temperature hold times suffered due to the limitations of weak cooler seals and poor insulation.
With innovation being the driving force behind BarMobile bar carts, we set out to design and manufacture the BEST bar cart cooling system on the market. As a result, BarMoblie has created one of the largest cooling systems available that accommodate the compact, mobile bar cart size.


Refreshment is Only an Arm’s Length Away

Our cooler shell is poly molded from one seamless peace that provides maximum insulation and makes clean up a breeze. Our cooler door sealing system traps in cold, ensuring your beverages are always kept at the proper temperature.


Big Things Come in Small Packages

Our 12 gallon mobile bar cart cooler allows servers to increase the number of beverages sold as well as maximize serving/floor time, this equates to increased efficiency and sales! With BarMobile’s unmatched cold temperature technology servers spend less time restocking the bar cart with beverages and ice and more time interacting with guests.
Another time and back saving feature is our self-draining cooler system. Simply wheel the Concord bar cart over a floor drain, or desired draining area, and release the drain valve, remove your product, sanitize, and wipe the body dry. It’s that easy! Hose attachments are also available to make draining our bar carts even easier.


How Did BarMobile Get So Cool?

Out of sheer frustration and a lack of existing cooler options we made it our mission to improve the outdated designs. We can proudly boast about the improvements we have made:
• 12 gallon carrying capacity (equal to 60 cans of beer)
• 1-inch thick insulation
• Poly molded cooler shell
• Heavy duty smart seal technology
• Self-draining
• Easy to sanitize


Would you Like Ice with That?

We know how important ice is to craft the perfect cocktail so we took our BarMobile cooler technology and transformed it into a much smaller, compact, removable ice bin:

  • 20 lbs. carrying capacity
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Heavy duty smart seal technology
  • Poly molded cooler shell
  • 1 inch thick insulation



“When it Comes to Mobile Bar Cart Cooler Technology, BarMobile Has Set the Bar High”