What Makes BarMobile so Portable?

We believe that the portability of our BarMobile portable bar is superior to any other mobile bar system on the market today. We designed the BarMobile X5 to be a multi-venue, multi-event, food and beverage entertainment “taxi” that proves to be as easy to transport as it is to push and maintain. BarMobile can easily take you from restaurant to hotel suite, to special event, to patio or poolside in seconds.


BARMOBILE 5X is A Full-Service Bar in a Compact Design

The BarMobile portable bar is engineered so well that you can offer your guests the same service that you would normally provide from a distant bar, just in a much more convenient and easily moved customer service system. In fact, BarMobile was designed to be able to navigate the most crowded events and weave in and out of the busiest of venues with ease while having the carrying capacity of a fully stationary bar.



Unpacking BARMOBILE’s Carrying Capacity:

  • 70 Pieces of glassware
  • 20 Bottles of liquor, wine or champagne
  • 12 Gallon drainable cooler
  • 40 Canned cold beers
  • 20 lbs removable, sanitized Ice bin for cocktails, etc.
  • 12 oz removable garnish trays

All that carrying capacity in one modern and easy to push portable bar! And don’t forget…BarMobile’s portable bar storage system is flexible! Configure your carrying capacity to fit your needs.


BARMOBILE is the “Wheel” Deal

BarMobile’s medical-grade caster wheel system is specifically designed to go anywhere. The all-terrain wheel is made from high-grade rubber that is soft but also rigid. The “tires” do not require air, allowing you to easily glide over any surface and not be stopped by cracks or thresh holds.


“We didn’t invent the wheel; we just engineered the absolute sexiest way to serve drinks on them!”

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