BarMobile Custom Bar CartsWhat Makes BarMobile Bar Carts so Portable?

The portability of our Concord BarMobile bar cart is unlike any other bar cart or mobile bar unit on the market today. We designed our bar cart to be a multi-venue, multi-event, food and beverage entertainment tool that proves to be as easy to transport as it is to push and maintain. BarMobile can easily take you from restaurant floor to patio or poolside.
The Barmobile Concord bar cart was designed to be extremely durable and provide as much functionality as possible. We also designed it to be ultra-lightweight. An empty BarMobile bar cart only weighs 125 lbs. and can be easily lifted by just two people. Its narrow-streamlined shape allows it to fit in most vehicles and its locking wheels insure it stays in place during its transport.


Lighten Your Concorde Bar Cart Even More:

Remove the ice bin
Remove the garnish containers
Remove the storage dividers



We’ve Got You Covered – Protecting Your Bar Cart

Every cart we ship comes equipped with a matching outdoor, UV fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant Sunbrella ® travel and storage cover. Covers can also be customized with your branding/logo (this is an add-on option, ask your BarMobile Rep for more information).


The Concord Bar Cart Is A Full-Service Bar in A Compact Design

Our bar cart is one of the smallest bar carts on the market and engineered so well you can offer your patrons the same service that you would from a full bar. The Barmobile Concord was designed to be able to navigate the most crowded of venues and weave in and out of the busiest of restaurants with ease while having the carrying capacity of a fully stationary bar.


Unpacking the Concord Bar Carts Carrying Capacity:

  • 70 Pieces of glassware
  • 18 Bottles of liquor, wine or champagne
  • 12 Gallon drainable cooler
  • 60 Canned beers
  • 20lbs removable Ice bin
  • 12 oz removable garnish trays

All that carrying capacity in one modern, sexy and easy to push bar cart! And don’t forget…our bar cart storage system is flexible! Configure your cart’s carrying capacity to fit your needs.


How Did We Create the Worlds Most Agile and Easy to Push Bar Cart?

Through trial and error, of course. We didn’t create the concept of the “bar cart”, it has been around for decades. What we did was painstakingly redesign and reengineer the bar cart into a “dream cart” that is a customizable work of art, that is nimble and super easy to push when fully loaded. We designed the Concord bar cart to be tall enough to function as a bar but also short enough to allow anyone to push it with minimal effort. Its narrow frame allows you to snake in and out of crowded areas with tremendous ease.


Barmobile is the “Wheel” Deal

With two caster wheel systems to choose from you can pick the right True Steer System for you.

We offer the NOMAD which is specifically designed to go anywhere. The NOMAD wheel is an all-terrain wheel made from high-grade rubber that is soft but also rigid. NOMAD wheels do not require air, allowing you to glide over any surface and not be stopped by cracks or doorways.
We also offer our Standard, medical grade, soft rigid rubber wheels. Bar carts equipped with Standard wheels offer the same quiet glide and fluid turning but are even safer for delicate flooring surfaces.


“We didn’t invent the wheel, we just engineered the absolute sexiest way to serve drinks on them!”