Barcarts Built to LastOur Streamlined Portable Bars are Designed with Cleanliness & Sanitation in Mind

BarMobile potable bars were designed to be easy to clean and sanitize. The main chassis was designed to eliminate the hard to reach places that harbor bacteria.  We achieved this by eliminating 90 percent of crevasses with a seamless rounded design.
All metal surface areas are powder coated and can be easily wiped down and sanitized in minutes with any residential or commercial strength cleaner.


What About Glass & Bottle Storage?

The BarMobile smart storage system is designed to be easily accessible and easily broken down and reconfigured making cleanup and sanitation a breeze

BarMobile’s easy to access drawers and speed rails make removing, cleaning and restocking bottles and glassware fast and easy!


Clean Cart & Clean Ice

Cleaning a cooler ice bin on BarMobile is made easy with its self-draining cooler system and removable ice bin. To clean the cooler system, simply wheel the portable bar to the closest floor drain or use the hose attachment to drain the cooler into a bucket.  Once drained, the cooler lining and be easily wiped dry and sanitized. The ice bin can also be completely removed  and hand or machine washed.

BarMobile knows how important clean ice and ice storage is for food safety regulations and also for crafting the perfect cocktail, so we made it super easy to ensure servers have ample amounts of quality ice on hand.


Easy to Clean Wheel Options

Even the wheels on the BarMobile portable bar were designed with sanitation in mind! BarMobile wheels can be quickly hosed and scrubbed off as required.


“From frame to floor, BarMobile portable bars are truly built for cleanliness”

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