Hotel Bar Carts

Hotel Bar Carts

At BarMobile, we know running a successful hotel means offering elite hospitality services. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the hotel mobile bar to completely change how you offer your guests cocktail services anywhere on your property. 

  • Main lobby 
  • Poolside 
  • Courtyards 
  • Conference rooms 
  • Ballrooms 
  • Guest rooms 
  • And more 

Your busy hotel with multiple lounge areas for guests offers a place for relaxation, conversation and even a party atmosphere. Our hotel portable bars are designed to bring top-shelf drinks directly to wherever your clients are — efficiently and with plenty of options to consider. 

We’re proud to say our hotel bar cart is also: 

  • Custom 
  • Hand-crafted 
  • Easy to use 
  • Thoughtfully designed based on your needs 
  • Beautifully built 

Because your hotel mobile bar cart is customizable, you can also brand it with your hotel logo and design to make it more than just a table on wheels.  

You can check out our hotel mini bar furniture and contact us today about a custom, branded hotel bar cart.

Quality, Craftsmanship, Beauty and Storage 

Like us, you’ve likely experienced mobile bars that have a range of issues and flaws, such as: 

  • Instability 
  • Lack of usable space 
  • Noisy 
  • Hard to clean 
  • Awkward and hard to operate 

That’s why BarMobile has made it a goal to design a hotel mini bar cart that blends efficiency, beauty, design, capacity and stability so that you never have to worry about bringing high-class cocktail service to your guests. 

With so many available spaces on your property for guests to enjoy themselves, locating the main bar or waiting for a server to make their rounds for limited orders can be frustrating for everyone. 

That’s precisely why our hotel bar cart is compact yet built to hold: 

  • 70 pieces of glassware — anything from champagne flutes to highball glasses and more 
  • 20 bottles of liquor, wine, or champagne 
  • 40 canned cold beers 
  • 20 pounds of ice in a removable, easy-to-sanitize bin 
  • 12-gallon easy-drain cooler, with 2-inch-thick insulation that keeps your ice fresh longer 
  • 5 12-ounce removable garnish containers that are dishwasher safe 
  • 5 feet of expandable serving surface space, plus extra surfaces that can be easily stowed away 
  • 2 speed rail bins, which attach to the side of the base unit 
  • 3 easy-access ice chests and cooler space for chilled beverages 
  • And more 

Make Life Better for Your Staff 

The amount of storage space included in our hotel mobile bar design isn’t just beneficial for your guests. It’s an added convenience for your service staff. 

Like many businesses in the service and hospitality industry, staff members can only take so many orders and carry so many drinks on single tray. 

Not anymore. 

BarMobile’s creative and thoughtful hotel mobile bar design means multiple trips to the main bar for a single order is a thing of the past. 

Like many hotels, you may not have a mobile bar to offer. If that’s the case or you’re ready to upgrade your current cart, you can contact us online to customize, brand and buy a hotel furniture bar table that will completely change your cocktail service.  

Upgrade Your Venue Space 

Like many hotels, you likely offer a venue space for conferences, weddings and other events. A hotel bar cart is a great opportunity for upselling event booking. 


Hotel Bar Carts for Weddings 

Whether it’s cocktail hour, right before wedding party introductions, the first dance or when every favorite song plays, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid a constant logjam at the bar? 

We agree. That’s why one of the many events we’ve taken into account in our design is weddings. 

Our hotel party portable bar means your main wedding bar can work more efficiently and quickly to get cold cocktails to your thirsty guests. Meanwhile, your hotel bar cart can easily navigate the crowd to bring top-shelf liquor and cold beer to everyone else. 

After the wedding, offer the hotel mini bar cart for the after-party! Its storage capacity, solid design and ease of use means you can reach many hotel rooms and various common areas to provide the same great service to gathering guests. 


Impress Conference Attendees 

One of our hotel mini bar carts can also be a tremendous addition to business meetings and conferences. When the work is done, your guests will be more than ready to wind down and turn to non-work-related fun. A hotel bar cart from BarMobile is a great addition to any hotel hosting frequent business events. 

How Your BarMobile Hotel Bar Cart Provides Elite Cocktail Service and Increases Profit 

There’s no denying that profit is just as important as the incredible service you provide to your guests. However, we feel confident that our hotel mobile bar takes care of both by offering a design and build that eliminates faulty construction leading to instability, inefficiency and sanitation problems that ultimately cost you. 

Here are just some of the ways that BarMobile’s quality design immediately results in long-term profit: 

  • Gripping bar mats (essential for a frequently used casino party portable bar and outdoor portable commercial bar) that are easy to remove, clean, and sanitize. 
  • A perfected bar tool layout and organization system. All frequently used items are within the bartender’s reach for maximum speed, efficiency, and convenience. 
  • Compact size and lightweight aluminum body. This allows BarMobile to be easily maneuvered around obstacles, over bumps, and operate in tight spaces. 
  • Smooth and quiet operation over any surface. BarMobile’s unique “True Steer Caster System” is made up of four independent medical-grade oversized rubber swivel casters with a total lock braking system, giving the user a truly mobile bar with increased stability. 
  • Stainless steel bumper moldings. This protects the brilliant and durable powder-coated finish. 
  • Quick transition from rolling to beverage preparation. All contents are within reach for the bartender standing behind the cart’s handle, allowing drinks to be prepared with lightning speed. 
  • Handle-actuated drawer and cooler can lock to keep contents secure, even when rolling up and down ramps. 
  • The ergonomically sculpted design affords comfortable operation and maneuverability with a light touch. We know you’re sick of having to manhandle around your outdated casino mobile bar cart. 

Elite service, customer satisfaction and profit are all tied together. When designing our hotel bar cart, we prioritized creating something that allows you to achieve all three.  

A BarMobile hotel mini bar cart can also become a fantastic permanent addition or upgraded feature to your suites. 

We also feel it’s important to offer you not just a hotel mobile bar that sits in a corner and looks out of place. 

We view our creation as hotel mini bar furniture. We know beautiful hotels like yours put thought and effort into the pieces you choose for your property, and we strive to do the same. 

We can’t wait to work with you to create and build a personalized hotel mobile bar for your hotel!  

You can start customizing today by taking this link. 

You can also contact us online with any questions about our hotel bar cart and how it will improve your service and hospitality. 

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