Mobile service is essential when running a successful event space, and our mobile bar for events can significantly upgrade your efficiency without constant restocking. 

  • A portable bar for events increases time on the service floor. 
  • You can fully customize your mobile bar for events. 
  • Our industry-leading, hand-crafted design features limitless storage options and functional use. 

The best event spaces offer multifunctional use and can handle any type of crowd. Wouldn’t you love to also provide efficient mobile drink service with a beautifully designed and custom-built portable bar for events? 

You can contact us online to custom-build your BarMobile today. 

Until then, let’s talk about how one of our event bars for sale is a mobile drink service game-changer. 

Why You Need a BarMobile  

We know you work your tail off to run an event space that offers guests a great time.  

Like many events spaces, your main bar gets overrun, and guests are stuck waiting for a drink — right? 

Thankfully, we’ve created a portable bar for events that helps you avoid lag in drink service. How? By designing a product that offers plenty of storage, easy access to drinks, ingredients, tools and glassware while also providing an easy-to-operate mobile bar for events. 

Unlike many of the boring and limited mobile bar carts you’ll find, owning a BarMobile means you have storage space that can handle: 

  • 70 pieces of glassware ranging from champagne flutes to highball glasses and more. 
  • 20 bottles of liquor, wine or champagne. 
  • 40 canned cold beers 
  • 20 pounds of ice in a removable, easy-to-sanitize bin. 
  • 12-gallon easy-drain cooler with 2-inch-thick insulation that keeps your ice fresh longer. 
  • 5, 12-ounce removable garnish containers that are dishwasher safe. 
  • 5 feet of expandable serving surface space, plus extra surfaces that can be easily stowed away. 
  • 2 speed rail bins that attach to the side of the base unit. 
  • 3 easy-access ice chests and cooler space for chilled beverages. 
  • And more. 

Whatever items you need, a BarMobile portable bar for events can accommodate numerous storage options to keep you on the service floor with everything at arm’s length. 

A BarMobile portable bar for events is also great for non-cocktail beverage service, as many of our clients utilize our industry-leading design for: 

  • Hot meal service 
  • Mobile dessert service 
  • Venue concessions  
  • Coffee and tea service 
  • And more 

If you have questions about how a portable bar for events can address your needs, contact us online today. 

A BarMobile for Any Event  

One of the most exciting things a BarMobile gives you is our unique design elements that help create a high quality, sturdy and smooth experience. 

Whether it’s for: 

  • Weddings 
  • Birthday parties 
  • Corporate functions 
  • Bridal showers 
  • Baby showers 

We have you covered. 

We wanted to create a product that can handle any surface, floor plan and crowd size, and to do that, we’ve implemented these game-changing features: 

  • Gripping bar mats that are easy to remove, clean and sanitize are essential for an outdoor portable bar for events. 
  • A specially designed layout for bar tools, making them accessible to the bartender at all times. 
  • A compact, lightweight aluminum body to easily maneuver around obstacles, over bumps and operate in tight spaces without losing stability. 
  • Smooth and quiet movement over any surface with our unique “True Steer Caster System” using four independent medical-grade oversized rubber swivel casters with a total lock braking system. 
  • Handle-actuated drawer and cooler can lock to keep contents secure. 
  • Ergonomically sculpted design for comfortable operation and maneuverability with a light touch so that you no longer have to manhandle your outdated mobile bar. 
  • A sleek outer surface perfect for your company’s branding. 

Form meets function is what makes our product stand out over other ugly, bulky bar carts. And our lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum creates superior design, function and durability without sacrificing its sleek beauty. 

If your event space includes an outdoor area, you never have to worry about UV fading because our portable bar for events is powder-coated. 

Emblazon Your Portable Bar for Events with Your Brand Today!  

Our mobile event bars for sale are fully customizable, and that includes using high-quality vinyl graphics to brand the outer body of your BarMobile. 

A portable bar for events is great for cocktail hour or all-night mobile service, and through its innovative design, your staff can provide service efficiently no matter what type of event you’re hosting. 

Contact us here to custom-design your BarMobile and upgrade your bar service today! 

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