Joe Munson – Designer, Engineer & CEO of BarMobile

Joe Munson is the rare artist who brings a perfect blend of daring design, mechanical ingenuity and finely finished fabrication to every BarMobile bar cart. Part artist and part engineer, Munson is known for his minimalistic aesthetic and intensive, perfectionistic approach to craftsmanship. Using the most durable mediums, Munson’s BarMobile mobile bar cart designs are built to last.

Artist, Designer, Fabricator

With a keen ability to assess a design challenge, determine inventive solutions and deliver an uncommon alchemy of function, artistry and exacting craftsmanship, Munson has earned a reputation for his imaginative approach that pushes the boundaries of what is deemed possible.

To guard his authentic instincts, Munson avoids being influenced by convention, trends or the mass-produced.  He avoids bombarding his senses with imagery of what’s already been done, avoiding distracting influences to his creative process.  Joe readily admits being influenced by the ground breaking work of minimalist artist Donald Judd, inventor Burt Rutan, and acclaimed sculptor Alexander Calderfor whom Munson’s son, Calder, is named.

A Published Visionary

Joe Munson’s custom designs have been featured in international trade shows and publications and has been a guest lecturer at Kansas State University College of Architecture, Planning and Design.

Joe Munson’s BarMobile bar cart designs push the envelop.  Every cart is a thing of beauty that transcends the mundane, the expected – and as many of his clients will concede – the unimaginable.

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