How to Find the Best Commercial Portable Bar [3 Questions to Ask]

Poolside Mobile Barcart

BarMobile is revolutionizing what convenient service means within the hospitality industry.

We have designed and manufactured the world’s most functional commercial portable bar. Our product offers unmatched convenience and storage while easily maneuvering around a:

  • Crowded restaurant
  • Outdoor patio
  • Hotel wedding party
  • Sunny poolside crowd
  • Any venue

Before you get a portable bar for events, your restaurant or your venue, you first need to ask three questions:

1. What’s in BarMobile? [Undeniably Unique Features of the Best Bar Carts]

Your BarMobile is a full bar on wheels inside of a sleek little body. Its carrying capacity is unrivaled in the hospitality industry and can hold:

  • 70 pieces of glassware — anything from champagne flutes to highball glasses and more
  • 20 bottles of liquor, wine, or champagne
  • 40 canned cold beers
  • 20 pounds of ice in a removable, easy-to-sanitize bin
  • 12-gallon easy-drain cooler, with 2-inch-thick insulation that keeps your ice fresh longer
  • 5 12-ounce removable garnish containers that are dishwasher safe
  • 5 feet of expandable serving surface space, plus extra surfaces that can be easily stowed away
  • 2 speed rail bins, which attach to the side of the base unit
  • 3 easy-access ice chests and cooler space for chilled beverages
  • And more

All of its contents are kept secure and rattle-free with our unique cushioning on our compartment dividers. We’ve thought of everything – from secure napkin and straw storage to our top-mounted drain mat (patent pending).

Here are just a few of the features you’re going to benefit from:

  • Gripping bar mats (essential for an outdoor portable commercial bar) that are easy to remove, clean, and sanitize.
  • A perfected bar tool layout and organization system. All frequently used items are within the bartender’s reach for maximum speed, efficiency, and convenience.
  • Compact size and lightweight aluminum body. This allows BarMobile to be easily maneuvered around obstacles, over bumps, and operate in tight spaces.
  • Smooth and quiet operation over any surface. BarMobile’s unique “True Steer Caster System” is made up of four independent medical-grade oversized rubber swivel casters with a total lock braking system, giving the user a truly mobile bar with increased stability.
  • Stainless steel bumper moldings. This protects the brilliant and durable powder-coated finish.
  • Quick transition from rolling to beverage preparation. All contents are within reach for the bartender standing behind the cart’s handle, allowing drinks to be prepared with lightning speed.
  • Handle-actuated drawer and cooler can lock to keep contents secure, even when rolling up and down ramps.
  • The ergonomically sculpted design affords comfortable operation and maneuverability with a light touch. We know you’re sick of having to manhandle around your outdated bar cart.

BarMobile blows the other commercial portable bars for sale clean out of the water. There is nothing like this product on the market. Get a BarMobile for your guests now — start here.

2. Who Can Profit from a BarMobile? [Up Your Customer Service Game with a Custom Portable Bar]

Anyone in the hospitality industry can benefit from a commercial portable bar on wheels. But in order to maximize your return on investment to its fullest extent, you need to invest in a BarMobile.

We’ve painstakingly engineered your BarMobile to be the most efficient, convenient, and effective portable bar ever designed. This means you can earn more profit and increase guest satisfaction in less time and with less effort.

Here are just a few of our clients:


A portable bar on wheels pulls up alongside the blackjack table. It parks, quickly assembles custom-ordered cocktails for the guests at the table, and then swivels off through the crowd. Everyone has a drink in hand, a server didn’t have to carry a precariously loaded tray all the way from the bar, and nobody even had to leave the table.

Getting a roaming, portable bar on your casino floor is the easiest way to boost drink profits and improve guest experience right now. Create a custom-branded, portable wet bar on your casino floor here.

Hotels and Resorts

Our mini bar cart for hotel and resort accommodations is revolutionary in the most unexpected ways. From room service deliveries to roaming bartenders, the BarMobile’s custom bar cart goes beyond basic service.

The BarMobile portable bar is engineered so that you can offer your guests the same service that you would normally provide from the main bar — but in a more convenient and mobile customer service system. BarMobile was designed to navigate the most crowded events and easily weave in and out of the busiest of venues — all while having the carrying capacity of a fully stationary bar.

Click here to get a customized portable bar for the enjoyment of your guests, and for faster bar service — anywhere.

Ships and Cruise Liners

You need a one-of-a-kind commercial outdoor portable bar that can:

  • Seamlessly transition from deck to cabin
  • Navigate tight quarters and maneuver delicately, even across wet surfaces
  • Lock firmly in place when “parked,” so that nothing shifts in even the rockiest weather
  • Store all its contents within itself, so that it takes up as little space as possible when stowed
  • Keep product safe on gripping, easy-to-sanitize, expandable serving surfaces

BarMobile can be utilized for everything from room service to signature cocktails throughout the ship’s main decks. Click here to design a custom-built portable bar for your ship.

Bars and Restaurants

BarMobile is the most effective and efficient bar cart for restaurants. Other restaurant commercial portable bars on the market don’t offer the same features as BarMobile, including:

  • Expandable serving surfaces, to provide staff with all the accessibility of a full bar — made portable
  • Custom-designed caster wheels that allow BarMobile to delicately and easily pivot through crowded areas and tight spaces
  • Fewer trips to restock and more uninterrupted serving time, thanks to our innovative cooler design and easy draining system

Craft and serve drinks tableside, and offer your guest a special and convenient service experience. Build your custom-designed BarMobile now.

Country Clubs

BarMobile smoothly unfolds into a full-service portable outdoor bar on wheels, so club members can enjoy the perks of a portable cocktail bar:

  • By the pool
  • On the golf course, tennis courts, and at any of your outdoor venues
  • In the spa
  • Roaming throughout the main spaces and club lounges

Design a custom commercial portable bar to enhance your club members’ experience now — start here.

Indoor and Outdoor Event Venues

The list of the best outdoor bar carts starts with BarMobile at number one. Other commercial outdoor portable bars don’t measure up. Here’s why:

  • BarMobile’s medical-grade oversized wheels are designed to be gentle on delicate indoor floors while minimizing bumping and jostling when rolled outside.
  • Every element that holds bottles and glassware is cushioned to eliminate annoying rattling noises during quiet events and to minimize risk of damage.
  • The sleek, compact, and beautiful design of BarMobile won’t detract from the aesthetics of your venue, unlike the old and unattractive bar carts currently in use.

Bring all the amenities of a full bar right to your guests – minimize wait time, increase efficiency and profit, and make your guests feel like VIPs. Get a BarMobile for the guests at your event venue here.

3. What Sets BarMobile Apart from Other Portable Bars for Sale? [5 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial-Grade Portable Bar]

The problem with most portable bars on the market today is that they lack the functionality of a fully stocked, stationary bar. Other manufacturers sacrifice storage space to cut down the size and weight of their bars, which fails to provide enough workspace for servers to be able to create a high-quality cocktail.

Our compact, functional, and beautiful BarMobiles are meticulously engineered to be an entertainment Swiss army knife. Our mobile bar carts are an attention-grabbing focal point of any restaurant, bar, venue, or event. Here are five reasons BarMobile is a valuable investment:

1. BarMobile is Built to Last

The BarMobile portable bar is wrapped and seam welded in high-grade ultra-lightweight aircraft aluminum, making its formed frame extremely durable but also easy to clean. The base (or chassis) of our BarMobile portable bar is crafted from steel for its rigidity and engineered to effortlessly carry the stress of a fully loaded portable bar weighing 200 pounds or more.

2. Easier to Set Up, Easier to Clean Up

At BarMobile, we know how important clean ice and ice storage is for food safety regulations and also for crafting the perfect cocktail. That’s why BarMobile’s custom commercial portable bar was designed to be easy to clean and sanitize.

The main chassis was designed to eliminate hard-to-reach places that harbor bacteria.  We achieved this by eliminating 90 percent of crevasses with a seamless rounded design.

Cleaning a cooler ice bin on BarMobile is made easy with its self-draining cooler system and removable ice bin. To clean the cooler system, simply:

  • Wheel the portable bar to the closest floor drain or use the hose attachment to drain the cooler into a bucket.
  • Once drained, the cooler lining can be easily wiped dry and sanitized.
  • The ice bin can also be completely removed and hand- or machine-washed.

Even the storage system elements, like garnish trays and ingredient containers, can be quickly removed for easy sanitization. BarMobile has been thoughtfully engineered to provide the safest and most convenient experience for you and your guests.

3. Engineered to Maximize Efficiency, Speed, and as a Result, Profits

Other portable bars for sale claim that your beverages will remain cold for an extended period of time, only to find yourself pushing around a bar full of melted ice halfway through your dinner service or event. You then have to halt service (and profits) while you drain, clean, and restock.

And if your frustrated servers are having to spend time rummaging around to find what they need, it slows down service and creates a headache for guests and staff alike. We’ve thoughtfully engineered BarMobile to improve speed, efficiency, guest and staff satisfaction, and ultimately – profit. Here’s how:

  • At BarMobile, every aspect of our custom bar cart has been engineered to maximize cooling efficiency without compromising functionality and maneuverability.
  • Our design allows you to make fewer stops for replenishing ice and keeps you on the serving floor longer.
  • BarMobile can store enough beverages and supplies to serve more than 100 drinks without restocking, which allows the server to keep attending to guests for longer periods of uninterrupted time.
  • Your BarMobile cart is always available, takes less time to stock, and requires only one staff member to operate.
  • Servers can more effectively and efficiently create and serve any beverage, with all ingredients at arm’s length. Every tool, garnish, glass, and ingredient is right where it should be, so your staff spends less time hunting for what they need.

And the attention that BarMobile tableside service provides not only makes guests feel extra special, it also increases beverage orders per table in less time. By bringing the full bar experience tableside or wherever guests may be, you can experience an increase in beverage profits quickly. Depending on the type or size of your venue, it may be wise to invest in multiple BarMobile portable wet bars — the more customers you can reach, more often, equates to more revenue. 

4. Finally, a Fully Customizable Portable Bar that Meets Your Specific Needs

Customizable drawers and the central top storage compartment allow BarMobile to be tailored for specific beverage and/or food requirements with an array of drop-in accessories. Not just for liquor, the system can easily be configured and utilized for:

  • Coffee bars
  • Juice bars
  • Soda bars
  • Ice cream bars
  • Hot food
  • And more

Many of our BarMobile owners have utilized their new portable bars in different ways, creating a social experience that their guests enjoy! Here are just a few of BarMobile’s non-beverage uses:

  • Hot meal service
  • Portable snack shops
  • Tableside coffee and tea service
  • Fresh tableside salad bars
  • Tableside dessert service
  • Venue concessions
  • And more

At BarMobile, we are always looking for new ideas to give our BarMobile owners the freedom and creativity they desire to better serve their customers. Even the look and branding of your BarMobile custom-built portable bar can be designed to promote your company.

5. Form Meets Function – No More Ugly, Bulky Bar Carts

In addition to subpar functionality, most of the cheaper, common commercial portable outdoor bar options are, frankly, straight-up ugly.

Made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, BarMobile offers superior design, function, and durability without sacrificing its sleek beauty. Your BarMobile is built to order with five standard color options and the ability to add your own branding.

All BarMobiles are powder-coated, which results in a beautiful, highly durable finish similar to an expensive automobile. This finish resists scratching, UV fading, and is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Vinyl graphics designed for automotive applications are used to adorn the body of the BarMobile, so you can emblazon your portable bar with your brand! Custom branding and graphic options are a great way to promote your business or any beverage brand you wish to promote.

Add a BarMobile Portable Bar Table to Your Venue Now

BarMobile is all about speed and convenience. No mess, no fuss — just immediate beverage service anytime and anywhere. BarMobile is simply the most powerful portable bar solution on the market today.

Whether you need a bar for an hour or all night, BarMobile has you covered in style with an innovative design that is a hit everywhere it goes. Expand your possibilities with a compact mobile bar platform for serving on the fly or deploying a full bar anywhere in minutes.

Custom-design your BarMobile here, and change the way you approach hospitality.

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