Our Mobile Bar Carts are Built to Last

At BarMobile we believe we design the most jaw dropping mobile bar cart on the market but looks aren’t everything. That’s why we have painstakingly engineered the most durable and easy to maintain bar carts available for both residential and commercial use. BarMobile bar carts are built to last because we only use high quality materials and finishes and take the time to test and quality inspect every bar cart that leaves our studio, All of our carts are proudly made in the U.S. by highly skilled and talented fabricators.


What Makes Our Bar Cart the Most Durable Bar Cart on the Market?

The Concord BarMobile bar cart is wrapped and seam welded in high grade ultra-lightweight airplane aluminum, making its formed frame extremely durable but also easy to clean. The base (or chassis) of our Concord bar cart is crafted from steel for its rigidity and engineered to be able to effortlessly carry the stress of a fully loaded mobile bar weighing 200 pounds or more.


Why We Use High-Grade Aluminum in the Construction of Our Portable Bar Carts

We choose the best aluminum when designing the Concord for many reasons:

  • Durability
  • Outdoor Use
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy to Sanitize

Everything on our cart is metal with the exception of our patented rubber glass and bottle webbing, garnish storage, ice storage, wood trimbar cart accents, medical grade caster wheel trim, optional LED lighting and custom logos and graphic bar cart wraps.


How Strong is Our Portable Bar Cart Storage System?

The BarMobile storage system was created with functionality in mind, we want you to have the storage space of a full bar beautifully designed inside of a nimble, easy to push bar cart. Our mobile bar cart storage is the strongest, most reliable system on the market.

Each drawer on our carts utilize extra heavy duty gauged and undermounted drawers’ slides that are outdoor rated. Each drawer supports up to 500 pounds of product, glassware and anything else you need to keep handy on your cart. Our undermount drawers prevent dangerous tipping and buildup of dust. They also prevent sticky beverage spills from making their way into the tracks of the drawers.


A Bar Cart is Only as Strong as The Wheels it Rolls On

How do we make a wheel that’s strong enough for outdoor use but gentle on your delicate indoor surfaces? At BarMobile we have solved that problem with the NOMAD, a wheel specifically designed to go anywhere. The NOMAD wheel is made from an all-terrain high-grade rubber that is soft but also rigid. The wheels also do not require air, allowing you to glide over any surface and not be stopped by cracks or doorways.

Also available is our standard medical grade soft, rigid rubber wheel that offers the same quite reliability as the NOMAD but is ultra-safe for even the most delicate of surfaces.


“From frame to floor, BarMobile custom, portable bar carts are truly built to last!”