Barcart for ALL OccasionsBARMOBILE – A Portable Bar for Every Use

The problem with most portable bars on the market today is that they lack the functionality of a fully stocked, stationary bar. Other manufacturers sacrifice storage space to cut down the size/weight of their bars and fail to provide enough workspace for servers to be able to create a high-quality cocktail tableside. 

At BarMobile, our modern portable bars allow servers to effectively and efficiently create any beverage –  cocktails, wine, beer, soda, with all ingredients at arm’s length.  Every tool, garnish, glass, and ingredient is right where it should be.

And the attention that BarMobile tableside service provides not only makes guests feel extra special, it also increases beverage orders per table, in less server time. 


Bottles, Cans, Glasses, Garnishes… BarMobile Designed a Spot For Everything

  • Space to accommodate all types of glasses: rocks glasses, highball glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, brandy and cordial glasses, pints, shot glasses.
  • Configure BarMobile’s smart storage system to fit any bottle or can size: beer, wine, liquor, juice, sodas
  • Five 12 oz. removable dishwasher safe garnish trays are included
  • Easy to remove, clean and sanitize, drink prep gripping bar mat
  • Grab and go speed rails: serve wine, beer, canned and premade beverages
  • Easy to reach bar tool organization
  • Bar straw & beverage napkin storage



And BarMobile Portable Bars Can Server More Than Just Cocktails

While BarMobile is designed while keeping beverage service and entertainment in mind, many of our BarMobile owners have utilized their new portable bars in a many different ways, creating an interactive, exciting and memorable social experience that their guests enjoy! 

Here are just a few of their non-beverage uses:

  • Hot meal service, breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Table side coffee & tea service
  • Fresh table side salad bars
  • Table side dessert service
  • Venue concessions
  • and more…

At BarMobile we are always looking for new ideas to give our BarMobile owners the freedom and creativity they desire to better serve their customers! 


“Push the Limits of Your Food and Beverage Services and Make Your Next Event One to Remember”

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