BarMobile Serve Anywhere Bar Cart Table Side Beverage ServiceBarMobile Bar Carts Push Productivity and Profits to a Whole New Level

At BarMobile we wanted to make the world’s most functional bar cart that offers unmatched storage and allows servers to make any drink quickly and efficiently while easily maneuvering around a crowded restaurant, bar, venue or event.
In the everchanging food & beverage and entertainment industry we understand how important it is to cater to your guests. Creating a unique experience that your guests will remember can be very difficult especially with the speed at which trends come and go.  BarMobile delivers on impressing and creating a memorable impression on guests…an experience they will talk about to others!



How BarMobile Bar Carts can Increase Server & Staff Productivity

At BarMobile we looked at what one trend in particular that has managed to stand the test of time, a trend that has always been a part of the food, beverage, entertainment and hospitality industries, a trend that each of these industries can all agree will never disappear…the serving of alcoholic beverages and beverages in general.
This age old, single trend drove us to create the world’s best engineered, most efficient bar cart!  Having the ability to serve quality cocktails or an ice-cold brew not only from a traditional, fully stocked back bar but also via tabelside service can increase total revenue dramatically.  Beverage sales make up a huge portion of profits.  The easier it is to serve patrons, the easier it is to increase profits.

How BarMobile Bar Carts Help Increase Profit

  • We’ve maximized our bar cart storage capacity, this equates to more time serving and less time restocking
  • Out smart storage system accomadates bottles, cans and other drink containers of various sizes and shapes
  • Our easy to push TRUE Steer technology gives servers the ability to move quickly and freely through congested, tight spaces; making reaching customers easier and faster
  • Super easy to clean, our bar cart’s seamless design can be wiped down, hosed out and sanitized in just minutes


At BarMobile we believe, by bring the full bar experience tableside, venue owners can experience an increase in profits quickly.  Depending on the type or size of your venue it may be wise to invest in multiple BarMobile bar carts, the more customers you can reach, more often, means more revenue.  


“Build your restaurant, bar or venue revenue faster by serving more customers, more often with BarMobile!”