Elevate Your Guests’ Experience with the BarMobile Concorde Bar Cart


BarMobile Serve Anywhere Bar Cart Table Side Beverage ServiceA great addition to any Venue where customers gather.

Guests can enjoy the convenience of a mobile, fully functional bar at any venue, including restaurants, poolside, hotels, country clubs, businesses, and your own upscale indoor and/or outdoor home entertainment.

With Concorde at their side, servers can create a variety of specialty drinks tableside.

Concorde serving carts will elevate any venue’s drinks service. With Concorde, servers can provide the same service as a fully equipped bar, only tableside! While tableside, servers can highlight drink menus and create up-sales as customers receive the unique pleasure of watching bartenders work their craft.

Efficient Customer Service by Design.

The special attention that the Concorde Bar Cart presence provides makes the patrons at the table feel like VIPs. Designed by professionals, the bar cart has the capacity to hold up to 16 liquor bottles, 60 glasses, 20 pounds of ice, bartending supplies, and a stem mounted point of sale device, and more.


BarMobile Bar Cart Poolside Beverage Serving

  • Go Anywhere compact size – 16”W x 31”D x 38”H
  • Custom finishes, colors, logos, graphics available
  • True Steer Technology – Caster System
  • Built to last – 100% Manufactured in the USA! BarMobiles are fabricated from heavy gauge aircraft aluminum, epoxy sealed, and powder coated.
  • Compact & Agile – BarMobile is a highly efficient design that uses its volume to maximum benefit. A sculpted body and streamlined design allow the BarMobile to slide through crowds and around obstacles with ease. Advanced oversized casters allow BarMobile to be incredibly easy to roll.
  • Safe and Quiet Operation – BarMobile is a highly stable and contains all of its contents secure and rattle free.
  • Ergonomic – All of the contents are within arms length and frequently used items are situated closest to the operator.
  • Cooling – Thick cooler insulation and tight seals are used for both the ice chest and the oversized 15 gallon cooler. A simple drain mechanism is located at the bottom of the BarMobile.
  • Flexible Use – Customizable drawers and the central top cavity allow BarMobile to be tailored for specific requirements with an array of drop in accessories. Not just for liquor, the system can easily be configured and utilized for coffee bars, juice bars, soda bars, ice cream bars, etc.
  • Efficient and Uninterrupted Use – BarMobile can store enough beverages and supplies to serve around 150 drinks which allows it to function for long periods of time without restocking, therefore it is always available at a moments notice and requires only one staff member to implement & operate.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing – Every seams in the cart’s aluminum construction are epoxy filled prior to painting, this ensures a super smooth surface which makes wiping down and cleaning the cart a snap!  There are no cracks, joints, or crevices for food particles, moisture or bacteria to hide. BarMobile is also 100% waterproof, it can literally be hosed down.
  • Finish – BarMobiles are powder coated which is both beautiful and highly durable. This finish resists scratching, UV fading, and is very chemical resistant.  BarMobiles are also extremely corrosion resistant.
  • Custom Graphics – Vinyl graphics designed for automotive applications are used to adorn the body of the Barmobile.
  • Deminsions:  32” L x 18.5” W x 41” H
  • Weight:  130lbs
  • Construction:  Aluminum with Steel Chassis
  • Finish:  Powder Coated (standard or custom colors, refer to standard color options in tab above)
  • Bumpers:  Lacquered Solid Wood (black, cherry, maple or walnut)
  • Casters:  Nylon Reinforced 6” Dia. Total & Directional Lock
  • Cooler:  60 Quart with 1/2” NPT Ball Valve Drain
  • Drawers:  Aluminum Construction w/Trigger Release, Extra Heavy Duty Under-Mount Glides
  • Bottle & Glass Bins:  NBR Foam, Qty 26 (glasses can be stacked)
  • Trash Bin:  Removable 3 Gal. Polyethylene
  • Bar Mat:  1/2” Thick Rubber
  • Garnish Bins:  Qty 5, 7 oz. Acrylic Bins w/Hinged Lids,  Acrylic Ice Tray Beneath
  • Napkin, Straw & Tool Bins
  • Graphics:  20″ x 20″ 1 or 2 Color Logo or Optional Full Color Logo or Full Color Wrap (additional cost, inquire)

Barmobile Standard Color Options

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