How a Portable Mini Bar Can Wow Your Clients

A BarMobile portable mini bar cart can be a great addition to your business.  Your clients will love the convenience and unique, hand-crafted design.  

We’re so confident in the quality and design of our BarMobile portable mini wet bar that we want to custom design yours today, so contact us online to get started.  

A Portable Mini Bar for any Occasion  

Having a portable mini bar cart is a great addition to any venue or event. You don’t have to worry about crowding at your main bar, and convenient access to mobile bar service is something your clients will love.  

But, finding a quality bar cart has been impossible until now.  

Our portable mini bar offers a design like nothing you’ve seen before.   

Using high-grade and ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, our portable mini-bar cart is wrapped and seam-welded to form an extremely durable frame but easy to clean.  

It can hold:  

  • 70 pieces of glassware ranging from champagne flutes to highball glasses and more.  
  • 20 bottles of liquor, wine or champagne.  
  • 40 canned cold beers  
  • 20 pounds of ice in a removable, easy-to-sanitize bin.  
  • 12-gallon easy-drain cooler with 2-inch-thick insulation that keeps your ice fresh longer.  
  • 5, 12-ounce removable garnish containers that are dishwasher safe.  
  • 5 feet of expandable serving surface space, plus extra surfaces that can be easily stowed away.  
  • 2 speed rail bins that attach to the side of the base unit.  
  • 3 easy-access ice chests and cooler space for chilled beverages.  
  • And more.  

Its beautiful, sleek design will almost certainly get people talking and asking, “How can I get one of these?”  

We don’t ignore the importance of looks or sacrifice storage and functional use. It’s truly the Swiss army knife of portable mini bar service.  

We’d love to custom-build your portable mini-bar cart today, so contact us online to get started. You can also add your logo to the outer shell for an even more personalized look.  

Who Can Use a Portable Mini Bar?  

One of the best features of our BarMobile is the ability to fit any space, venue, event or business.  

Our portable mini bar can accommodate whatever mobile bar service you need and is ideal for:  

  • Hotels  
  • Conference centers  
  • Wedding venues  
  • Event spaces  
  • Casinos 
  • Restaurants  
  • Bars  
  • Night clubs  
  • Country clubs  
  • Cruise ships  
  • And more  

We spent significant time thinking about ways someone could use our portable mini bar cart. So, we decided to create a product that can do it all.  

Because our design, ease of use and storage space is so unique compared to most bar carts, some of our clients offer rentals to clients. For example, hotels include a BarMobile as an option for a room portable mini bar.   

Nothing’s better than getting to your hotel room, checking out the view and kicking your feet up with a cocktail.  

Whatever use you have for a portable mini bar cart, a BarMobile can immediately become a game-changing addition to your mobile bar service.  

If quality, durability and functional use are your biggest concerns, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve built a product that addresses those needs.  

  • Gripping bar mats that are easy to remove, clean and sanitize and essential for an outdoor portable mini bar.  
  • A specially designed layout for bar tools, making them accessible to the bartender at all times.  
  • A compact, lightweight aluminum body to easily maneuver around obstacles, over bumps and operate in tight spaces without losing stability.  
  • Smooth and quiet movement over any surface with our unique “True Steer Caster System” using four independent medical-grade oversized rubber swivel casters with a total lock braking system.  
  • Handle-actuated drawer and cooler can lock to keep contents secure.  
  • Ergonomically sculpted design for comfortable operation and maneuverability with a light touch so that you no longer have to manhandle your outdated mobile bar.  

Those are just some of the many design elements and attention to detail we’ve used to create a portable mini bar that’s truly unique but also serves as a reliable and well-built product.  

We’re confident that a BarMobile portable mini wet bar is perfect for your business, so contact us online today to get started on your custom design.

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