3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Movable Bar

To grow your brand, amazing customer service is essential. However, you also need to get people talking, and our movable bar is the product to help you do just that.  

  • One-of-a-kind design and detail that creates a unique experience.  
  • Unlimited options for use.  
  • Quality materials produce a sleek, durable and reliable movable bar cart.  

We understand the importance of growing your brand. Our BarMobile movable bars for sale can be custom built and branded to fit your specific needs. It’s the type of thing your customers won’t forget. Contact us online to get started.  

The Best Movable Bar Cart Ever Built  

When you first see our movable bar cart, the unique design is what immediately stands out.  

You’ll quickly discover that the quality materials used and functional space make it a product that’s about more just looks.  

We want your customers talking about your custom-built movable bar cart, but we also want them to experience it wherever and whenever you need it.  

There are three main reasons why your brand needs a BarMobile.  

Reason 1: Exceptional Storage and Functional Use  

When you need mobile bar service, you need something that can hold plenty of inventory and supplies without the constant need for restocking.   

Nothing’s worse than a customer seeing you just about reach their table, only to watch you head back to the kitchen because you ran out of product.  

Our movable bar cart design keeps you and your staff on the service floor longer by allowing for numerous storage options, such as:  

  • 70 pieces of glassware ranging from champagne flutes to highball glasses and more.  
  • 20 bottles of liquor, wine or champagne.  
  • 40 canned cold beers  
  • 20 pounds of ice in a removable, easy-to-sanitize bin.  
  • 12-gallon easy-drain cooler with 2-inch-thick insulation that keeps your ice fresh longer.  
  • 5, 12-ounce removable garnish containers that are dishwasher safe.  
  • 5 feet of expandable serving surface space, plus extra surfaces that can be easily stowed away.  
  • 2 speed rail bins that attach to the side of the base unit.  
  • 3 easy-access ice chests and cooler space for chilled beverages.  
  • And more.  

That level of storage and availability to your customers will get them coming back because they know waiting for bar service is never a concern. That’s great for your profits, and it’s great for your brand.  

Reason 2: A Movable Bar That’s Built to Last  

The best brands are always associated with quality and durability.   

Most mobile bar makers don’t understand that, and their products reflect it.  

Using high-grade and ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, our movable bar cart is wrapped and seam-welded to form an extremely durable frame but easy to clean.  

It’s always been important that our clients aren’t spending time messing with a cheap, hard to operate, noisy and unreliable movable bar cart.  

We’ve added some key design elements that make your movable bar quiet on any surface, durable and easy to maneuver no matter the setting.  

Your customers will never hear squeaky wheels or the annoying sound of bottles rattling and glasses shaking. Every inch of our movable bars for sale is designed to create an easy-to-operate experience for you and your staff.   

You won’t find that level of hand-crafted quality anywhere else, and we’d like to custom design your movable bar cart, so contact us today to get started.  

Reason 3: Get People Talking about Your Brand  

Whether it’s your customers, your staff or another business losing customers to you and jealous of your movable bar cart, we want to help your brand get people talking.  

Having an elite mobile bar service will get people coming back because the ability to get a drink quickly without forcing your way up to a crowded bar is an actual experience.   

Customers will tell their friends how fast they can get a drink from you because you have this amazing movable bar cart.   

It’s also great if you’re operating a mobile drink service for weddings, private parties or other special events.  

You know that you can provide great service to every customer, and your movable bar cart can handle any surface.  

Other venues will want your number, and the customers you serve will remember you for their events.  

It’s a win for everyone and, most importantly, a win for your brand.  

Custom Design Your Movable Bar Cart Today  

When designing our movable bar cart something important that we think about is that whether you’re using it, or ordering a drink from it, it’s an experience.  

We not only want the experience to be positive and memorable, but we want it to be universal. You should enjoy serving your customers as much as they enjoy how great your movable bar cart looks and how convenient it is.  

Whether you need a bar for an hour or all night, BarMobile has you covered in style with an innovative design that is a hit everywhere it goes. Expand your possibilities with a compact mobile bar platform for serving on the fly or deploying a full bar anywhere in minutes.  

Contact us today to get more information or begin custom-designing your movable bar cart.  

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